The HMC Medical Institution comprises the Hayatabad Medical complex Hospital, the Khyber Girls Medical College (KGMC) and the Clinical Units of postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) at HMC. The staffing position of the institution is as follows:  


TMOs (PGMI) 190
Doctors 200
Nursing Staff 401
Paramedical Staff 194
Ministerial Staff 48
Finance/Account Staff 05
Technical Staff 26
Auxilary Staff 341
Grand Total 1215



Professors (BPS-20) 07
Associate Professor (BPS-19) 08
Assistant professor (BPS-180 14
Senior Registrar (BPS-18) 19
Grand Total 48

Teaching Staff (17-20) 142
Gazzeted, Non-Gazzeted Staff 16
Non Gazzeted, Non Teaching Staff 85
Class IV Staff 68
Grand total 311

        HMC continuous to recruit highly qualified and skilled staff. During 2009 there were a number of recruitment campaigns for recruitment of teaching, non teaching and other technical staff. The institution maintains an equal employment opportunity policy irrespective of gender, culture, religion, ethnic background or disability. During the year the institution ran many training courses for staff ranging from control of infection to motivation and development of their knowledge and communication skills.